NDIS update June 2017

Commitment to fully fund the scheme


The big news about the NDIS over the past three months is the announcement in the Federal budget committing to fully fund the NDIS through an increase in the Medicare levy. At least this makes more sense being healthcare related than the odious association of NDIS funding as part of welfare funding that was proposed earlier in the year. It is proposed that the Medicare levy increase start in 2019, but the measure is yet to gain sufficient support to be legislated.


365 Reasons Why

The ‘Every Australian Counts’ organisation, the peak body for the disability services sector, is calling on people to tell them why they need the NDIS to be fully funded. Here is what they say:
“We’ll put all the responses into a video and hand deliver it to the Senators we meet so they know why this is so important to so many people.

We’re aiming for at least 365 responses over the next week so we can show that every day of the year the NDIS will make a difference

It’s easy to upload your reason and your photo through the tools on our site. Just click here to share your reason. Or, send your own short video with your reason and we’ll include that.

We’ve got only a short time to make this happen – help us send a strong message and share your reason now.”

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Supporting families and carers

We know that families and carers do whatever they can to make sure their family member has the best opportunities in life. What the NDIS aims to do is support you in that role – as a Mum or Dad, partner or spouse, brother or sister, grandparent or extended family member. NDIS Supporting-families-carers

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Your first steps as an NDIS participant
Have you just become a participant with the NDIS? As the NDIS rolls out in stages across Australia, being aware of what to expect and when to prepare helps you to stay connected. Check out these steps to consider as a new NDIS participant.


Five tips to prepare for the NDIS
Whether the NDIS is rolling out in your region tomorrow, in six months or in a year, you need to start getting ready now. Pre-planning is vital to ensure you know exactly what you want and need before you have a support plan tailored to suit you.
Here are five tips to get ready for the NDIS


Keep up-to-date with NDIS news
The National Disability Insurance Agency’s online newsroom offers the latest news and updates on the Scheme with a weekly list of topics: https://www.ndis.gov.au/latest_news.html

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