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Royal Commission into treatment of people with disability


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Draft terms of reference for a Royal Commission into the treatment of people with disability were released by the federal government during the quarter. The scope covers violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Information and resources are available here:


People with Disability Australia released a joint statement on the Royal Commission https://pwd.org.au/statement-on-royal-commission-into-violence-abuse-and-neglect-of-people-with-disability/


Advocacy important in applying for the NDIS


advocacy support

Applying for the NDIS can be a complex process for many people with disability, including HSPers. Make no mistake, the NDIS is a bureaucracy with strict rules and guidelines. Rejection of applications is common.


It is not just filling out the long and demanding forms, a good application requires knowledge of what will be looked for when the application is reviewed e.g. the language used and the things said in supporting documentation from medical professionals.


Getting help for this process is very much worth doing. Fortunately, there are now organisations in many parts of Australia offering free or minimal cost advocacy support to people applying for the NDIS. Many of these organisations are NDIS providers themselves, so they are motivated to provide good support to applicants in the scheme and understand what it takes for an application to be successful.


Spinal Life Australia https://www.spinal.com.au/ is one such organisation based in Queensland that has received praise from several HSPers applying for the NDIS. They have a membership fee of $10-15 per year that covers the advocacy support.


If you have had a good experience with advocacy support when applying for the NDIS, use the Comments section at the bottom of this article to share the name and contact details of the organisation involved.



One HSPer shares her experience with the NDIS



HSP community member Suzie from the ACT tells of her experience with a successful application for funding under the scheme:

“It is important to fill in forms, doctor’s reports, and have a face to face meeting with the NDIS person. OT and coordinator are crucial. I worked with Disability Trust (coordinator) in Canberra.

The budget was $54,000, broken into different buckets e.g. $28,000 under my control for gardening, podiatrist and home care. A motorised wheelchair was funded to $9,000. Getting in before age 65 is a must.

grab handle with tray

Thanks to my OT and NDIS I can keep my favourite lounge and get out of it with ease. I am not sure if we are leaving the tray attached as it is optional! It is called Assist-A-Tray.”



walker & hire scooter

Ultra go go scooter – Suzie hired it and NDIS covered the cost. The ultra go go scooter with better suspension got me safely around a cruise ship on holidays and easy to back in and out lifts! Larger cruise ships are easier to get around than the river cruise ships.

My first trip out and about with my travel scooter, I was able to use the hoist lifting from my garage but needed my husband to do it at the shops. Feeling relieved to finally have something set up for those long distances!

I am so grateful to the NDIS because this was a big expense that I didn’t have to pay out of my pocket. From an application form to get to this stage is BIG!!! A lot of work, time and energy but so pleased I now have a hoist and boot opener and closer.

car hoist


Bathroom & deck – $3,800 NDIS – some additional costs herself

I can finally access the deck from both my bedroom and family room thanks to my OT and NDIS! Not finished but will be finished on my birthday this Tuesday. They are part funding it and we decided to fund the overlap. It has taken a couple of years now but made such a difference in my life.

Plega bed

Plega bed – $5,000 NDIS – covered additional costs herself

The first night in my new plega bed I slept well; woke only once during the night for a toilet stop. I had no pain when I woke up and could move much easier! I did miss my old bed but I have to get over it because I am just attached to it and I think it looks nicer and all the things that don’t matter. So I am very grateful to the NDIS and Plega!

I have a high-low bed and NDIS paid for a standard bed for my husband. I had a 2010 plega bed in a spare room that my father bought just before he passed away. Plega was fantastic today and took the motor from my father’s bed that was hardly used and installed it to my husband’s bed. This saved us well over $2,000+ and I can’t thank the NDIS enough! Would just like to encourage any members who are under 65yrs to please apply for NDIS it has made an enormous difference to our lives.


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