NDIS update June 2020

More flexibility with using funds


In this update:

  • Participants can now use their core funds across all core categories, meaning that you can now use your funds in the way that works best for you.

  • The Federal Court makes a favourable ruling for individuals regarding what is ‘reasonable and necessary’ that the NDIS must fund.

  • There is a new website for women, and

  • the latest NDIS newsletter covers self-management during the pandemic.


Every Australian Counts newsletter 19 May 2020

Funds can now be used across categories

NDIS participants who are plan managed or Agency managed can now use their core funds across all core categories. This announcement was made on 9 May.

That means you no longer need at least $1 in a category to move your funds around.

In other words core funding is now completely flexible. You can now use your funds in the way that works best for you. There are of course a few ifs and buts. For all the details, read more  . . .


Federal Court makes important ruling

What is ‘reasonable and necessary’ and what it means for NDIS participants.

Recently the Federal Court of Australia handed down a decision that affects all NDIS participants. The court said that if an NDIS participant needs a support related to their disability, the NDIS must fund it.

Federal court decisions help us understand what the NDIS principle of ‘reasonable and necessary’ means in the real world. From what we have seen from court decisions so far (including this one) ‘reasonable and necessary’ is specific to a person’s disability and their unique situation.

In this particular case the funding being sought was for specialised sexual support. Dr George Taleporos has looked at the case and unpacked what it means for everyone who depends on the scheme to get what they need. Read what he has to say . . .


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A New Website for Women with Disabilities

Funding through the Agency’s ILC Grants Program helped Women with Disabilities Australia to create a new website ‘Our Place’ for women and girls with disability.

The website aims to provide practical resources, information as well as showcase real stories from women with disabilities. Check it out here!

From the NDIS newsletter 7 March 2020


. . .


Self-management during COVID-19

The NDIS has released a pack about self-management, putting all the information in one place to make it easier to find.

This pack includes information to help self-managed participants use their NDIS plan and meet their obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • tips on minimising your exposure to COVID-19
  • how to work with providers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • employing support workers directly
  • using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • how we are supporting participants and providers during COVID-19.

To read the pack visit the Information packs page on the NDIS website.

From the NDIS newsletter 15 May 2020

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