NDIS update September 2017

Planning process under fire


Complaints about the NDIS have soared by 700% in the past year. Reports to the Commonwealth ombudsman jumped from 62 in 2015/16 to 429 last financial year.


Many issues related to the planning process which determines how much funding – and what supports – people can access. Participants were not happy with the NDIS’ planning staff, while others were angry that planning meetings were held over the phone.


“I didn’t find it really respectful that people just phoned to go through what is essentially a really large life plan” said Ross Joyce from the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations. “We were certainly not supportive of the approach that was taken” he said. Read more…


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Can I join the NDIS?

You can join the NDIS depending on your location, age, residency and disability. The NDIS is rolling out in stages across Australia, to find out when the NDIS is coming to your area, visit your state or territory page of our website.


Accessibility and Dignified Access

“Dignified Access” occurs when all participants, providers, other visitors and employees have safe and equitable access and a dignified user experience at an NDIA office. Where access may be limited, a dignified alternative can be arranged. Dignified Access considerations applies to people with both visible and invisible disabilities and barriers. Read more …


Self-managing your NDIS plan

Self managing your NDIS plan gives you choice and control over the supports and services you purchase to help you achieve your goals. There are four ways that plan funding can be managed. Read more …


Events Calendar

The NDIS holds regular events and workshops around Australia to inform the general public, potential participants, their families and carers, and providers about the NDIS. Visit the National Events page for information about meetings in your area and online events.



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  1. My planning officer was excellent. I ensured that my first plan was face to face. It is your right but you must insist do not be railroaded into telephone. So now remains to be seen what I get from some public servant in Canberra.

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