NDIS Update September 2021

Concern mounting

Although for now the fight against independent assessments seems to have been won with the government shelving the proposal in light of almost universal opposition from disability organisations, the underlying rationale suspected by many, namely to cut costs, remains. Those in charge continue to warn about cost blowouts and un-sustainability, while people with disability continue to report plan funds being slashed.

Every Australian Counts have this in their latest newsletter:

Why the Federal Government’s story about NDIS funding differences doesn’t add up

What’s wrong with this picture?

Minister for the NDIS Linda Reynolds has been back in the media recently with more “cost blowout” headlines. 

It’s the same story we have been hearing from the Federal Government all year. They’re saying people from big cities and wealthy areas are getting the biggest plans.  

But we’ve had a look at the data – and their story does not add up. 

At first glance, we can see how it could look as though the funding levels in Victoria roughly reflect the socio-economic status of people who live in those areas.

But that is largely a result of how the data is presented, using mean averages instead of median – and dividing participants up into geographical areas.

What the data really says is the more people with very high support needs in any given area, the more likely they are to get more funding. And if a big chunk of that funding is for supported independent living (SIL) it is more likely to be used.

Using the funding you have been allocated to access the supports and services you need is the entire purpose of the NDIS.

Find out what the data told us – and why we need to keep putting pressure on the government to release the raw data and assumptions.

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SOURCE: All the latest NDIS news, 2 September 2021

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