Neuromics – a new research collaboration

Aim to develop treatments for 10 neuro diseases


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Neuromics is a 5 year project instigated by a global consortium of collaborating researchers and research institutes as part of IRDiRC – the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium.


Neuromics aims to revolutionize diagnosis and develop new treatments for ten major neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases affecting the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscle including HSP.

They will identify numerous new genes underlying neurological and neuromuscular diseases and develop fast and reliable genetic tests to transfer this knowledge into the clinic.

They will also develop biomarkers which are very important for future treatment studies and undertake pathogenesis research and even first clinical trials.

For the first time, several world class leaders in this area of research from the United States, Canada and Australia are collaborating to make a difference.

Read more in their first newsletter Neuromics newsletter Issue 1 copy.


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