New and better website

Loads of new features

Welcome to the new look website with new features, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information and research on HSP. It has been made possible by the design and technical support of Isaac, who has volunteered his time and expertise in huge amounts tirelessly for the past 4 years, even maintaining full support while he worked in the UK for almost two years. There is no gratitude that can adequately thank him for his efforts. He has no connection with HSP whatsoever, he just believes in selfless service for a good cause. Isaac, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we salute you!

Charting Fundraising Progress

The first thing you probably notice is the new section on Fundraising where we have started to chart progress on our goal for the year. Most of you would have received either a letter or an e-mail from us in June asking for your support to fund the upcoming stem cell research project. As a result of the June campaign, as you can see from the chart, over $53,000 has been raised to date, that is 53% of the way towards our 2010 target. Well done! A big thank you to all those who contributed.

We understand and appreciate that not everyone can give every time, so we hope that everyone who did not support this campaign will save up for the Christmas campaign and give generously then. Or support fellow community members in the City 2 Surf race this coming Sunday, August 8.

Member Profiles

We have three new Member Profiles for you to get to know who the members of your community are at a more personal level. We are featuring three people – Ken, Therese and Chris – who are all undertaking significant personal challenges and at the same time fundraising for the Foundation.

Comment on Items

There is now a ‘Comments’ section on each item, article and story to allow you to have your say and express your thoughts and feelings whenever you want to. You will be able to read what others are saying as well. Please remember that this is a public website and that there is a broad reading audience, so be polite, dignified and respectful of diverse opinions.

Navigation and Linkages

Now, on each and every page, there will be a banner across the bottom allowing you to navigate to any part of the site from any page.

There will also be a ‘Related News’ function which will offer you stories and articles related to the one you are reading.


There is also a function which makes it easy to recommend stories and articles that you find of particular interest with your Facebook friends.

Read, learn, comment, interact and enjoy!

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