New mobility device invented

Designed to replace both walker and wheelchair

Zeen is a new device designed to combine the functions of both walker and wheelchair, and extend the capability of each whilst overcoming some of their most serious limitations.

The inventors say that the device allows you to perform household activities such as cooking and cleaning whilst muscular, circulatory and cardiac health is supported (rather than reduced as it can be using a wheelchair).

They claim that you can rise up and sit down effortlessly and transition to walking or coasting easily and smoothly, with no risk of falling. If you are determined to stay upright as long as possible and maintain some ability to walk, the inventors say this device is for you.

The lifting technology allows the user to ‘float’ an adjustable percentage of your body weight, making it easy to stand from sitting.

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  1. OMG I could not stop watching the clip, it brought tears my eyes , I am wheelchair bound, I can not put into words what it would mean to be able to do even a fraction of moving about my kitchen ,or my house.

    Can you tell me if it will be for sale in Australia and the cost.????

    I am trying to type though my tears I cannot express the how much adoration for these guys . And they are not even disabled, BRILLIANT


  2. Anne, I’m excited about the Zeen too! I found this information on their website:

    Beta versions of the ‘Residential’ Zeen may be available on a limited basis by late 2019, and Lightweight Folding models may soon follow — initially, direct from our new factory in West Chester, PA, and eventually from dealers around the world.

    Also on their website is a place to sign up to get more email information as things progress. Click on the “Learn More” above.


    1. Editor’s note: This device sells for around US$4,000 but may not be available in Australia – you should contact them in the US to find out. A possible alternative is the Alinker and that is available in Australia, as well as being much cheaper. Here is an article on it They are by no means the same device or have the same capability, but the Alinker might be worth considering.

  3. The Zeen is a game changer. For me it would allow me more freedoms, I use a rollator but it’s not good enough, and I have watched the YT clips and it looks exciting, however, my weight is 140kg, this is also due to unable to exercise enough due to issues and the Zeen would help me with this issue. But am unable to find a distributor in Sydney Australia. Is there any distributors you can advise of?

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