New system for air travel with wheelchairs

Similar to systems used in vehicles

Air 4 All “aims to revolutionise air travel for passengers with reduced mobility by enabling powered wheelchair users to remain in their own wheelchair for the entire journey.”

Air 4 All works in a similar way to latch-type locking and securement systems used by many wheelchair users in their own vehicles. When a wheelchair user is flying, the seat folds up to reveal the securement space and attachments. If no wheelchair users require access, the seats function as regular airline seats.

The system is designed so that different powered wheelchair types can be certified for flying and will be able to interface with a wide range of airline seats. The Air 4 All seating system will initially be compatible only with powered wheelchairs, not manual wheelchairs.


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Aircraft Interior Designer Unveils Plan for Wheelchair Space on Airplanes

By John Morris, October 21, 2021

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