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Posted - September 2013 in Living with HSP - Management & Treatment News

Trials underway in the US


Kickstart is a new device designed with a pulley system to use and support the wearer’s own energy. It works without expensive electronics.


Kickstart Walking System


The Kickstart Walking System is an orthosis intended for individuals with lower extremity weakness – particularly in the hip flexors and ankle plantarflexors – and poor endurance, secondary to neurological injury or disease. This device is new in the US with trials being offered in various cities in the US and Canada, but is not yet available in Australia.

Who can benefit from the Kickstart Walking System?

It’s designed for those who have difficulty walking independently, especially if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty lifting your knee
  • Catching your toes often when taking a step, even while wearing a brace for foot drop
  • Lack of endurance – fatigue after walking short distances
  • Difficulty with coordination, balance or stability
  • Circumduction – tendency to swing your leg out to your side (instead of straight forward) in order to take a step
  • Step-to Gait – stepping forward with one foot and bringing the other to meet it

Ideal candidates for Kickstart are those who have:

  • The ability to initiate at least one step (with use of walker or crutches if needed)
  • Good core strength (back/abdominals)
  • The ability to stand up straight for two minutes (with only slight assistance from a walker or crutches for balance)

Other requirements include:

  • A strong motivation to walk
  • A strong, motivated support structure from family and caregivers

Contraindications include:

  • Severe knee flexion contractures
  • Severe quadriceps weakness
  • Cognitive impairments.

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  1. Ian posted at 8:54 pm on 19 November 2013Reply

    I would really like to trial this. When will it be available in Australia?


  2. Editor posted at 7:05 am on 20 November 2013Reply

    Editor’s Note: Kickstart advise as follows…

    Unfortunately Kickstart is only available in the US and Canada at this time.  If someone in Australia is interested in Kickstart and travelling to the US, they can arrange a visit, Kickstart trial and obtain a custom device. Otherwise we can let you know when we expand to other markets.

    Cadence Biomedical
    3534 Bagley Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98103 USA
    ph: 206.659.0614 | fax: 206.400.1596
    email: [email protected]
    @cadencebio <>

  3. Grant posted at 2:01 pm on 10 April 2015Reply

    I would be interested in having a look at the Kickstart if they come down here .

  4. kate posted at 12:26 pm on 31 December 2015Reply

    I would also be interested in giving it a go. Has it arrived in Australia since these comments were posted? – it now being december 2015?

  5. Irene posted at 2:38 am on 20 May 2018Reply

    Is this kickstart system available in Toronto? Where can it be seen and/ or purchased?

  6. Cecilia posted at 7:15 am on 8 August 2020Reply

    I Live in California. where could I go to see the walk aid? I have SPG six. I’m interested in trying it out and hopefully buying it if it works. Can you give me the phone number that I could call and set up an appointment.

    • Editor posted at 8:27 pm on 1 September 2020Reply

      Editor’s Note: We are based in Australia and have no information or connection with the company making the Kickstart. Suggest you try a Google search for contact details for them.

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