Garden Club donates $2,000

Garden Club donates $2,000 for HSP research Thanks to HSPRF members Col and Judy Harris taking the initiative, their local Garden Club recently made a $2,000 donation. Judy writes:We are members of a very fine garden club, which among other things, conducts an ever growing OPEN GARDEN weekend. The funds raised are distributed to worthy… Continue reading Garden Club donates $2,000

Gene Testing Project

Gene Testing Project reports good progress At the 6-month point (10/’06) of the Gene Testing Project funded by the HSP Research Foundation, members of the Foundation met with researchers from the Anzac Research Institute (ARI) to discuss and report on progress with tests for 2 HSP genes – Spastin and Atlastin.  Robin Bligh, Dr. Tanya… Continue reading Gene Testing Project

Bulletin No. 5 – February 2006

FUND RAISING SUCCESS CONGRATULATIONS to HSP Research Foundation members and their families & friends.  We had a December target of $50,000 to raise for the Gene Testing Project.  It was increased to $55,000 on a rework of costing and we exceeded the new target on time in early March 2006.  We have raised $58,800.  WELL… Continue reading Bulletin No. 5 – February 2006

Bulletin No. 4 – September 2005

FINDING AND DEFINING YOUR GENE MUTATION Testing Cost and Availability The HSP Research Foundation has heard from many members of the very high prices of HSP gene testing overseas (it can not be done in Australia yet).  The high cost to members has been limiting its adoption.  The HSP Research Foundation investigated the issue and… Continue reading Bulletin No. 4 – September 2005

Bulletin No. 3 – July 2005

WORKSHOP REPORT What a great morning!  led by Prof. Garth Nicholson, Prof. of Neurogenetics, at the Molecular Medicine facility at Concord Hospital, prior to our AGM. Garth proceeded to lead a discussion on genes, with diagram examples of recessive, dominant and X linked, and explained the complexity of  pinpointing the actual gene that applied to… Continue reading Bulletin No. 3 – July 2005

Bulletin No. 1 – April 2005

INAUGURAL MEETING Our inaugural meeting was on Feb 20, 2005 and the Notes have been sent out from Concord.  This Bulletin is to let you know what has been happening since.  If you find it useful perhaps 3 or 4 a year would be appropriate. Membership All HSP sufferers at the meeting have joined plus… Continue reading Bulletin No. 1 – April 2005