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  I spent my childhood in Sydney before accepting a transfer to a school in Port Macquarie twenty one years ago. My very supportive wife and I built a home among the trees at Sarah’s Creek near Wauchope and have been here ever since. We have five children ranging from thirty to twenty years and […]


Posted - June 2012 in Community Members

  Merron   Hi there, my name is Merron, I’m 55, and now live at Encounter Bay with my husband (Jeff) and daughter (Kerry), a beach side town south of Adelaide.  We made a decision to sell up and retire here a few months ago, to give ourselves a change in life style.  My diagnosis […]


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  Rick   I grew up in Woodberry (25 minutes from Newcastle), and moved to Newcastle when I was 21, chasing work and sporting opportunities. I played Rugby League from when I was just 5 until I got tired of being MONSTERED by opponents when I was 15. I was a late developer. After that […]


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  Franjo (Frank)   I’m 57 years old, living with HSP for the last 20 years. My wife initially thought that I may have a lower back issue. However, after consulting my local doctor I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with HSP. Sometimes I feel like Robinson Crusoe, even though I have […]


Posted - December 2011 in Community Members

I was born in New Zealand where I grew up in a large family. My wife, son and I moved to Australia when I was 28 years old and we settled in the Blue Mountains where we have lived for the past 37 years.   I was a Primary school teacher, which I loved but […]


Posted - September 2011 in Community Members

  Hello, my name’s Laura, I live in sunny Queensland with my very wonderful husband Som and our two very mischievous cats, Opal and Byron. I’ve been lucky to have grown up in South East Queensland with its amazing beaches, hinterland and city close by. We are a pretty busy family with lots (probably too […]


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. My Name’s Stuart, I’m 36, and live with my wife, Ebony, and our three boys, Rob, Ed & Cameron, on our 35 acre property in west Gippsland.  For the last several years we have been rearing dairy calves, building a herd to milk. I also work as a rep for a Stockfeed company, while […]


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I currently live in Bothwell Tasmania with my partner Patrick, my two children Elly 10 and Billy 7, and Patrick’s daughter Jasmin 18. I have lived in Bothwell since March 2014. When I was in grade 5 (10-11 years old, 1993) I started showing signs of HSP. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my […]


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Matthew’s life is hinged around music. He grew up in Epping in Sydney doing lots of creative things such as music and woodwork, and also sports – he was the fastest runner at school and also played soccer. He was in the school band and travelled with them to play concerts… foreshadowing things to come […]


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I grew up in Enoggera Brisbane and still live in the family home which I bought from my mum 32 years ago. I have one sister Gayle. My dad died when I was 16 years old. I am married to Narelle and have two children Lisa 21 and Benjamin 17. I  was a panel beater […]


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I grew up in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and have lived in the same area all my life. It is a good place to live and bring up a family. As a kid I was mainly interested in outdoor activities. I started playing tennis at seven, eventually playing competition level in Brisbane which I […]


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I grew up in Cessnock in New South Wales’ beautiful Hunter Valley a couple of hours north of Sydney with two sisters, one 18 months older and the other 6 years younger  –  so I was the middle sister. I went to primary and high schools in Cessnock – had the usual country town upbringing […]


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I was born in Lithgow in 1952, which is still a beautiful coal mining and prominent city on the western end of the Blue Mountains. I come a family of seven children and I am one of two males and third eldest. I enjoyed typical country activities such as bush walking, trout fishing, rabbit trapping […]


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I was diagnosed as having HSP ten years ago at the age of 55. I was eventually referred to the Physiotherapy Department of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Auburn, NSW, who as my mobility worsened introduced me to a walking stick. Some time ago I followed a suggestion to try Aquatics. I used a kick board and […]


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. . I am 39 years old with HSP. I do not know a lot about it. I live in Melbourne in the northern suburbs and I am married with 4 kids. I first noticed I was having problems in my early 30s with walking and mobility. I am now using a stick for balance […]