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HSP and neuropathy

Posted - September 2013 in Your Say

Ideas for treating the pain?

Every Australian Counts campaign

Posted - September 2011 in Your Say

we should all take action!

National Disability Insurance Scheme

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Join the campaign

Winter edition published 2 June 2013

Posted - June 2011 in Your Say

Spring 2013 Edition in early September

HSP publicity on free TV?

Posted - February 2011 in Your Say

increasing public awareness

Segway helps HSPer get around

Posted - November 2010 in Your Say

mobility and independence

A family history of HSP

Posted - August 2010 in Your Say

4th generation tells her story

HSP misdiagnosis common

Posted - September 2009 in Your Say

Mistakes can be harmful

Pilot Study Volunteer

Posted - in Your Say

Another good experience

Stem Cell Pilot Study

Posted - May 2009 in Your Say

Good volunteer experience

Back, hip, leg pain

Posted - in Your Say

Physio helps …..

Plenty of go at 65

Posted - December 2008 in Your Say

Lots of exercise is the secret

Diana’s Story

Posted - September 2008 in Your Say

I’ve had hsp since I was a child

Diagnosing HSP by elimination

Posted - May 2008 in Your Say

Doesn’t seem very definite…

A family question + 2 replies

Posted - January 2008 in Your Say

Should we know if we have HSP

Blood tests #3

Posted - December 2007 in Your Say

and another…

Blood tests #2

Posted - November 2007 in Your Say

Similar experience

Restless Legs Syndrome

Posted - November 2007 in Your Say

Mechanical device helps

Blood tests

Posted - October 2007 in Your Say

Blood tests from Belgium show nothing