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HSP and neuropathy

Ideas for treating the pain?


Every Australian Counts campaign

we should all take action!

Winter edition published 2 June 2013

Spring 2013 Edition in early September

HSP publicity on free TV?

increasing public awareness

Segway helps HSPer get around

mobility and independence

A family history of HSP

4th generation tells her story

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HSP misdiagnosis common

Mistakes can be harmful

Pilot Study Volunteer

Another good experience

Stem Cell Pilot Study

Good volunteer experience

Back, hip, leg pain

Physio helps …..

Plenty of go at 65

Lots of exercise is the secret

Diana’s Story

I’ve had hsp since I was a child

Diagnosing HSP by elimination

Doesn’t seem very definite…

A family question + 2 replies

Should we know if we have HSP

Blood tests #3

and another…

Blood tests #2

Similar experience

Restless Legs Syndrome

Mechanical device helps

Blood tests

Blood tests from Belgium show nothing