Overseas HSP community numbers grow

106 members, 21 countries, 5 continents


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Many countries do not have HSP support groups. HSP support is currently available on websites in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and Japanese – Japan’s group is just getting going.


There are currently 106 people with HSP from 21 countries on 5 continents who are signed up members of our community. Countries included are Austria, Malaysia, Italy, New Zealand, Iran, Indonesia, Norway, Wales, Canada, Greece, Pakistan, Spain, USA, Turkey, Chile, India, England, Iraq, France, Iceland and the Netherlands.


English as second language


As well as people with HSP from countries that speak other languages than these, there are significant populations of people in countries where there are support groups, for whom the language of that country is a second language. In Australia, most of these people are not members of an HSP community, and may not even be aware that such support is available. It is questionable how many of them have had specialist medical and appropriate allied health attention.


As HSP is a rare disease, there really is just one global community, and only good can come from global collaboration. It is questionable if any one country has the numbers and resources to find treatments and cures for HSP by itself. But not just that, it is the right thing to do to find ways to include and support people from countries where there are no resources or support for those with HSP.

Finding ways for support to reach and be inclusive of the vast bulk of people with HSP is a real and significant challenge, and one that is encumbent on all of us to address.


“Something that is good for anyone with HSP anywhere should be good for everyone with HSP everywhere!”



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