Pain and Spasticity

Management without pills


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Following on from an article in the Summer 2016 condition of the website on pain management here is a follow-up talking about pain and spasticity management without pills.


Often descriptions of HSP don’t mention pain, but given the HSP gait pattern, influenced by weak and spastic muscles, difficulty with balance, foot misuse and/or inappropriate spinal movement patterns, it doesn’t take too much imagination to appreciate that HSP can cause pain. Doctor prescribed painkillers offer relief for some but not for everyone or in every circumstance, and can be used safely only for relatively short periods.


Here is a webinar produced in October 2016 titled Pain and Spasticity Management Without Pills. It comes from the United Spinal Association. The two presenters are very knowledgeable and at the end of the webinar they offer their email addresses for those who have further questions.



This hour long webinar includes:


 Time                                 Topic


6:00                          Introduction and Objectives


8:00                         Types of chronic pain


11:30                        Types of spasticity


13:00                        Types of treatment options


15:45                        Alternative therapies


18:00                        Coping strategies that help with pain


20:15                        Acupuncture


22:00                       Hypnosis


23:15                        Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


25:00                       TENS/MET


29:50                        PENS (for deeper delivery)


31:30                        IDDS (implanted drug delivery systems)


32:55                       SCS (Spinal cord Stimulation)


34:30                       Pain support groups


37:00                      Alternatives (including 39:00 light therapy for increased circulation; 40:00 transcranial direct current stimulation)


42:45                      Investigational devices (including whole body vibration for spasticity)


48:40                     Considerations for pain/spasticity management


50:45                     Additional Resources (this website looks especially helpful)


52:30                    Q&A


This webinar and the included additional resources offer a wealth of information on pain and spasticity management. There may not be one easy answer for getting a handle on your pain but you can learn of options and be much better informed if you’re working with a doctor or pain management specialist. If working independently, this information will help you gain some control of your pain and make some improvements.



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