Paralympian with HSP

Gold medal in life as well as in the pool

Evan Austin, a US Paralympian (S7) with HSP won gold in Tokyo in the 50 m butterfly.

After the race, Evan said“ That’s taken over a decade of really tough, dedicated, thorough work, day in and day out with a lot of ups and a tremendous amount of downs as well. I’m so thankful. I have such a big community and village that surrounds me and supports me. My family have been truly indescribable throughout this whole process especially during the pandemic, never losing belief in me and doing everything possible to give me the ability to train and pursue this dream. All that culminated in me getting my first medal.”

But what about before Tokyo? This video, made in March, gives insight as Evan talks about having HSP, his big brother and the support of other family members, finding something he is passionate about … failing, and coming back determined to qualify for the Paralympics. There are some great messages. It might just change your perspective and may even put you in a happier place.

Evan Austin on the left

The video is long at 43 minutes, but make sure to watch the first 10 minutes and then from 14 – 19 minutes for the best bits.

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SOURCE: The LaFayette Leader, September 6, 2021

Austin wins gold in 50 m fly for Team USA at Paralympic Games

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