Pilot Study Volunteer

Diana from NSW writes …

Hi to you all.

Yes I was amongst the first few for stem cell research.

I had a skin swab, blood taken, and a week later a nose swab.

I can say with all my heart that Dr Carolyn Sue and Wendy Welsh were the most caring compassionate understanding professionals I’ve ever dealt with with HSP, since I was a child.

They both knew what HSP was, and what I’ve been living with. I didn’t feel intimitaded, nor advised as to what I should be doing with my problem. Which made me very comfortable.

The procedure was comfortable in all aspects, and I’d like to advise all to take the tests.

I can only say they are the two most wonderful women I’ve meet who are very dedicated to this cause.

I can’t say enough about my tests and the experience I’ve had knowing maybe someday my tests will help people with HSP through me.

I”d like to say it does run in my family since the 1800s.

So maybe there will be a CURE???????????????

Take Care To You All