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Tell the World Health Organisation what you want


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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a global survey to identify the 50 top technologies people living with disability worldwide need to improve their lives.


The survey, issued in the world’s 50 most spoken languages, will use the information gathered to build the WHO Priority Assistive Products List, a tool that will set the standard form the most essential assistive products that must be available in a health system.


This survey will give HSP communities around the world the collective opportunity to have our say on important global policy on assistive technologies.


So, take the survey now. Have your say and tell the WHO what you need as an HSPer.


The survey is open only until Thursday 3 March, 2016, so take it now!



  1. I competed the WHO survey on assistive products, only to be disappointed, there was NO portable battery powered mobility scooter! I would say that far and above any other assistive device that I need, my portable mobility scooter adds greatly to my quality of life. For example, it allows me to participate in every day activities with my grandchildren, to travel interstate and over seas, in-fact I’d be lost without it!

  2. I wanted to take the survey but questions are like this, “Please select the 16 most important assistive products for mobility from the list below”. They’re not asking which devices are most important to ME or which devices I use. How am I to say what the most important mobility products are… let alone the most important products for visual impairment, hearing impairment etc???

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