Prof. Mackay-Sim honoured

Queensland’s Australian of the Year candidate


Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim
Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim

Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim, who has headed up the HSP Research Program, funded by this Foundation since inception, has been honoured with Queensland’s nomination as Australian of the Year for his work on neurodegenerative diseases.


Here is the news story:

A stem cell researcher whose work was key to the first successful restoration of mobility in a quadriplegic man, says he is humbled at being named as Queensland’s Australian of the Year.

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, a biomolecular scientist, has spent decades researching the regeneration and repair of the nervous system.

The Griffith University professor led the world’s first clinical trial using cells from the nose in spinal cord injury.

In 2014, his nasal cell research played a central role in the world’s first successful restoration of mobility in a quadriplegic man, giving hope to thousands of Australians with spinal cord injuries.

Professor Mackay-Sim has also served for a decade as the director of the National Centre for Adult Stem Cell Research.

His research championed the use of stem cells to understand the biological bases of brain disorders and diseases such as schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and hereditary spastic paraplegia.

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SOURCE: ABC News, Updated Wed Nov 23, 2016 at 5:40am

Australian of the Year: Queensland stem cell scientist Alan Mackay-Sim honoured

By Allyson Horn



  1. Huge congrats Professor on the absolute honour being named Australian of the Year. Your progress in research for HSP and other spinal conditions has been incredible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions. Best wishes to you and yours, and looking forward to more amazing research and outcomes under your gifted watch. Best regards.

  2. Woohoo our Prof Mackay-Sim is Australian of the Year…..was so hoping he would get it, so deserving, a great man!

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