Rare Disease Day, 28 February

Celebrate Rare Disease Day to raise public awareness

Rare Disease Day is celebrated worldwide on the last day of February each year. It gives a voice to you, to us and the 300+ million people living with more than 6,000 rare diseases globally, with the potential to raise public awareness, political attention and ultimately funding to improve quality of life and find treatments and cures.

As members of the HSP community, it is in our best interests to engage and participate in the day and play our part in raising public awareness of rare diseases. If each of us is not doing our bit to raise public awareness, can we really expect society at large to care?

Here are ways to engage and participate:

#LightUpForRare Evening of 28 Feb at your home

Download information, graphics and videos to use.

Find events near you: https://www.rarediseaseday.org/category/events/#country=AU

HSP community lunch: Brisbane QLD Saturday 25 Feb

Join others in the HSP community for lunch (at your own cost) and socialising at:

Catalina Restaurant

Novotel Brisbane Airport Hotel

6-8 The Circuit, Brisbane Airport

Saturday 25 February, 11.30am

Email for more information.

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