Recent Social Events

Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne


A group of 17 got together in mid-January for lunch at the Republic Restaurant in Norwood, including visitors from Canberra. Here’s the feedback:

“What a GREAT time we all had together in Adelaide today, it was fabulous seeing each other again and meeting some members for the first time. I really appreciate everyone who made such an effort to be together!! There is something magical when we are able to see each other and talk feeling so relaxed in each other’s company! I found it emotional because everyone inspires me and such a privilege to be with you all.”

“Had a fantastic time! So good to catch up face-to-face with everyone and meet some lovely new members! Suzie, you’re an inspiration. Really enjoyed spending time with you and others – long overdue!”


It was small, but it was good. It was the first HSP get-together ever in Tasmania with 2 members meeting at Room for a Pony Café & Bar in North Hobart on January 21. “We had a lovely chat together sitting in the sun”. That plus the photo sums it up.


Close to 30 people met for lunch on 11 February at the Berwick Springs Hotel in Melbourne’s South East. Some comments:

“It was a great catch up today in Melbourne”.

“Yay, was a good turnout. So glad I went and met some great people”.

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