Community Recommended Practitioner Listings

The medical and allied health professionals listed below have been submitted by members of the HSP community and offered here as a resource to help people locate neurologists, physiotherapists and others with HSP experience. They are not a recommendation from the Foundation. You will need to assess the suitability of any particular practitioner for yourself.

Neurologists & Rehab Physicians


Barry Rawicki

Rehabilitation Physician – spasticity management, gait management, paediatric rehab.


Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service, Monash Children’s Hospital

246 Clayton Road

Clayton VIC 3168

Ph: 03 8572 3054

Fax: 03 8572 3817


Central Rehabilitation Group

1st Floor, Masada Hospital

26 Balaclava St

St Kilda East VIC 3183

Ph: 03 9038 1503

Fax: 03 9038 1650

e: [email protected]

“He is absolutely brilliant – he specialises in Neurology, Spinal Cord and Pain Rehabilitation.”


Anita Vinton


Cabrini Hospital

East Malvern  VIC 3145

Ph: 03  9500 0172

“ … was onto it immediately and her helping me understand what I had; was extremely sensitively and intelligently handled.”


Michael Fahey

Neurogeneticist / Paediatric Neurologist


Monash Children’s Specialist Consulting, Monash Children’s Hospital

246 Clayton Road

Clayton, VIC 3168

Ph: 03 8572 3004



Monash Children’s Private Clinic

17 Murray Street

Clayton VIC 3168

e: [email protected]

Ph: (03) 8572 1222
Fax: (03) 8572 1224



Carolyn Sue


Royal North Shore Hospital

Pacific Hwy

St Leonards NSW 2065

Ph: 02 9926 8481


Stephen Tisch


St Vincents Clinic

438 Victoria Street

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Ph: 02 8382 6715

” … he is really good … asked about problems I had skateboarding as a kid … also identified that my mother who was with me has HSP”


Michelle Farrar

Paediatric Neurologist

Sydney Children’s Hospital
High Street
Randwick NSW 2031

referral from specialists only by:
Fax: (02) 9382 1508, or
Mail: Dr Michelle Farrar, Neurology, Secretarial Admin Services, level 4, Sydney Children’s Hospital, High Street, Randwick NSW 2031



Dan McLaughlin


Ladhope Chambers

131 Wickham Terrace

Brisbane Qld 4000

Ph: 07 3831 1704


John O’Sullivan


St. Andrew’s Place

33 North St

Spring Hill

Brisbane Qld 4000

Ph: 07 3832 0501



Phillipa Lamont

Paediatric and Adult Neurologist/Neurogeneticist


Specialist Clinic Subiaco

Unit 8, 420 Roberts Road

Subiaco WA 6008

Ph:(08) 6380 1899

Fax:(08) 9382 4466


Royal Perth Hospital Neurogenetic Unit

Level 8, South Block Royal Perth Hospital

Victoria Square in the CBD

Perth WA 6000

Ph: 08 9224 3353 / 08 9224 2430

Fax: 08 9224 3929

e: [email protected]

“Initially diagnosed me and has a good understanding of HSP.”

“Phillipa Lamont’s primary focus is the improvement of one’s quality of life. She has an extensive understanding and experience with a broad range of the issues that confront HSPers and is willing to advise and assist on all of the impacts of HSP.”



David Schultz


Southern Neurology & Neurophysiology

32 Kensington Road

Rose Park SA 5067

Ph: (08) 8333 2545

e: [email protected]



Ruth Marshall

Rehabilitation Physician

Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

207-255 Hampstead Rd

Northfield SA 5085

Ph: 08 8222 1625



Thomas Kimber


Royal Adelaide Hospital

University of Adelaide

North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: (08) 8222 5289




Robert Boland-Freitas

Neurologist and Neurophysiologist

Level 2 – 9/3 Sydney Avenue
Barton ACT 2600

Ph: 02 6152 8998
Fax: 02 6169 3198
e: [email protected]

“… quite patient and helpful”.



Physiotherapists & Neurophysiotherapists

Many with HSP can benefit from a well-designed program of stretching, strengthening and exercise for improved cardiovascular fitness, mobility and flexibility, and spasticity reduction. Such a program can be designed, developed and monitored for maximum effectiveness by a neurophysiotherapist or a physiotherapist with neurological and/or rehabilitation training. The starting point is a thorough assessment, possibly some treatment, then the development and implementation of a program customised for the individual.

If you have not already been to a physio, there may be significant benefits from doing so.  Here’s how to find one:

The Australian Physiotherapy Association website has a ‘Find a Physio’ tool.  The search function allows you to sort by Location and Clinical Area –  choose ‘Neurology’, as a physiotherapist with a neurology interest is likely to be a good resource in developing a program for an HSPer.



Sarah Fitzhenry (Neurophysyiotherapist)
Caloudra Hospital Rehabilitation Team
3 West Terrace Caloundra 4551 Ph 07 5436 8886

“… Sarah and the team were able to do more to help me cope with this disease than anything else since I had been diagnosed a few years ago.”


Roger McIntosh

North West Medical Centre

125 Flockton St.

Everton Park Queensland 4051

Ph: 3353 4111

Email: [email protected]

“Roger goes out of his way to meet my physical needs and has given me a better quality of life. I would highly recommend him to other HSPers on the northside of Brisbane. He also has connections with a heated pool for hydrotherapy sessions located nearby.”


Liz Harewood and Matthew Vincent

Allsports Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinics

Forest Lake Blvd
Forest Lake
Ph: 3278 8544


Liz Harewood
Liz has worked in the rehabilitation field working with patients with neurological and balance disorders.
She has special interests in pelvic biomechanics and the use of dry needling and western acupuncture to reduce pain and restore normal muscle function.

Matthew Vincent
Runs the hydrotherapy program conducted at the Forest Lake Aquatic Centre, and is qualified in the application of aquatic physiotherapy providing one on one treatment for all patient types.


Sophie Morris

Optimum Physio and Pilates

mob: 0450 675 117

e: [email protected]


Shop 1B/239-241 McLeod St Cairns Qld 4870

Comments: Sophie specialises in neurological rehabilitation, with advanced training in the Bobath approach.



Deborah Carrera

APA Neurological Physiotherapist

Neurospace, 10 Colbee Court, Phillip ACT 2606

Phone: 02 6162 0450


Email: [email protected]

Also utilises Skype for regional consults.

“I have been seeing Deborah at her practice for the past two years and have found her to be knowledgeable about HSP and effective treatments. This includes taking into consideration the goals and outcomes that I desire to achieve. With me being a person that needs to be constantly challenged with exercise and strength regimes, Deborah has been able to address these matters through presenting numerous regimes that keep me ‘challenged’, and motivated. Her constant encouragement, coupled with her expertise in neurological physiotherapy has produced what I consider as rapid improvements over time and the present stable nature of my condition.”



Lea McQuade

Physiotherapist- home physiotherapy service specialising in rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury

Harbord NSW 2096

ph: (02) 9905 9876  mobile: 0400 49 81 49

“Lea understands HSP and helps me understand things I can do to help myself including a regular program with particular stretches and exercises.”


Melissa McConaghy

Principal Physiotherapist

Advance Rehab Centre

3/41 Herbert St

St.Leonards NSW 2065

ph: (02) 9906 7777


Read the community member recommendation for this practitioner.


Nicola Postol

Physiotherapist – home physiotherapy service specialising in neurodegenerative conditions.

Get Up and Go Physiotherapy

Newcastle/Hunter area NSW

mob: 0420 506 721


email: [email protected]


Daniel Buck

(Neuro) Physiotherapist

Neuro Alliance

Ph: 1300 955 941 located at East Maitland near Newcastle

“Daniel and his team are all geared towards working with people with neurological diseases like HSP. At Neuro Alliance they are a young’ish team and are excellent for keeping ahead of current methods. A lot of what Daniel does is to prescribe a range of physical therapy programs and he is always mixing them up on you. This is so your body doesn’t get too used to doing an exercise and become lazy, he’s always pushing me further and further. Daniel’s help in therapy (gym for exercise/therapy program rather than “pumping iron”) and swimming has had a huge impact on my quality of life. He is also equipped to offer support when navigating the NDIS and works with OT’s, Speech Therapists’s, other Physio’s and knows a lot of great support workers.”



Ann Buchan


Unley Physiotherapy

160 Unley Rd

Unley, SA 5061

Ph: (08) 8373 2132


Tamina Levy


216 Daws Rd

Daw Park SA 5051


5/259 Unley Road

Unley SA 5061

mobile: 0409 282 210


Teresa Beltrame
Neurological Physiotherapist
35 Hackney Rd
Hackney SA 5069
0405 384 825



Neurological Rehabilitation Group

Phone: 9803 7755

3 locations

3rd floor, Suite 8, 205-211 Forster Road

Mount Waverley, VIC 3149.

201 Fitzroy Street

St Kilda, VIC 3181.

1/256 Bolton Street

Eltham, VIC 3095.



Ruth Anderson
Anderson Neurological and Development
e: [email protected]




Suite 8, 10 Conochie Crescent

Manning WA 6152

Phone | 08 9313 3483



Unit 1, 11 Henley Drv

East Bunbury WA, 6230

Phone | 08 9721 3555


“A fantastic NeuroPhysio is Ruth Anderson. I’ve only seen her a couple of times but she really knows her stuff. She has loosened parts of me that I hadn’t realised were that tight, making things easier for me.”



Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors


Helga Hemberger

Clinical Psychologist

for people with chronic neurological conditions such as HSP, their family and carers, dealing with adjustment to diagnosis; anxiety, stress, depression, pain and coping.

Phone: 0423 361 400
Email: [email protected]
Locations: Lower North Shore (St Leonards) and Inner West (Annandale) in Sydney
Medicare provider (rebates available for clinical psychology if referred by a GP or psychiatrist under a mental health care plan).



Jane Drinkwater

Clinical Psychologist

Mob: 0400 020 356

Email: [email protected]

Unit 15/2 King Street

Deakin ACT 2600

“What Jane seeks to do is to help me in my adjustment and adaptation to the constant challenges of living with HSP, and encourages and supports me in continuing to live a meaningful life. Highly recommended!”


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