Restless Legs Syndrome

Steve from NSW writes: I have suffered restless leg syndrome for as long as I have suffered the symptoms of HSP – approximately 15 years. During the early stages it was noticeable that the condition was worse after days of high stress, with Fridays at work, in a middle management position, usually being pretty bad. So my sleep on Friday nights was often not good. I noticed that on days that I was involved in physical or sporting activity, I usually slept very well.
I guess that like many others I use baclofen, which settles my legs down during the night and provides me with a good night sleep.
Several years ago I was introduced to the “Chi Machine”, which for me gives almost total relaxation.
Chi Machine
From personal experience I have found that using this machine for 10-15 minutes immediately before going to bed relaxes the legs and eliminates most of the tension that has built up in the body during the day, setting the scenario for a good night sleep.
This machine is simple to use. You lie on your back with your ankles on the padded cups.  The machine oscillates side-to-side giving the legs a back and forth movement.
For me this has not eliminated the use of baclofen but for others it might.
The links below will offer more information for those interested.
I have lent my machine to one other HSPer but since she does not experience RLS she got no real benefit. A local physiotherapist who also borrowed my machine did see value in this type of treatment.
It would be great to hear from anyone else having experience with this machine, particularly with relation to RLS.