Robotic gait rehabilitation therapy

World first device in Sydney


The LEXO®, a new state-of-the art robotic gait rehabilitation therapy device, launches in Australia on World Stroke Day, 29 October.

The intensity and quality of gait training achievable with the Lexo is significantly superior to current technologies. The video demonstrates this clearly, showing the difference between gait training in a harness and on the Lexo.

The first of its kind equipment is being hailed a revolutionary game changer for over 60,000 Australians who suffer from a Stroke every year, as well as for people living with other neurological disabilities such as brain or spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, Cerebral Palsy and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

The LEXO® works by helping to improve walking ability, speed and endurance more effectively through its individually adjustable end-effector gait training robot, combined with dynamic body weight support system. These features facilitate a natural walking pattern, provide sensory feedback and dynamic body weight support to assist with re-training gait.

Advance Rehab Centre (ARC) in Artarmon, Sydney, is the first rehabilitation centre in the world to purchase this device. ARC has physiotherapists with HSP experience, with a number of HSP community members attending regularly.

ARC is a leading Sydney neurological rehabilitation and disability provider. ARC houses a team of experienced multi-disciplinary clinicians working in a community-based rehab service. Over the last 12 years ARC has built a reputation as one of the most progressive neurological rehab services in Australia. Therapy is available in person or at client’s home/park/other location or can be done via tele-health (online) for patients throughout Australia.

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SOURCE: Science & Medical | 29/10/2020

New Robot-Assisted Therapy Launches in Australia on World Stroke Day



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