Running for HSP

Tobey Zillin and her team raised $1,200 running in Adelaide’s City-Bay race.

A big ‘Thank You!’ to all runners for your thoughtfulness and your efforts for HSPers. It is very much appreciated!

Tobey writes…

My Auntie Mel and cousin Kerry have been diagnosed with HSP, and I wanted to do something to raise awareness and provide much needed funds for a great cause. My personal interest for doing it was simple, it was show love and support for my wonderful family in a way that would support (and financially assist) others too.

The City to Bay is a big thing in Adelaide and I saw it as an oppurtunity to raise $$$ for HSP.

Fiona, Sue & Kym – pre-race nerves

Getting others to join in the run was easy – my mum wanted in straight away (Mel’s sister & Kerry’s auntie), and 2 very dear and special friends (Fiona and Kym) formed the “team”. Together thru the everyday hero website and cash and other donations we were able to raise over $1,000.

Kym, Sue, Fiona & Tobey – just as the siren sounded!

The lead-up to the city to bay was fun, we did a few walks to help our fitness, but left the big 12k’s to the actual day…!! (a week before the race I ended up tearing 4 ligaments in my ankle … and was on crutches for 4 days … but I was ADAMANT that I was going to complete the C2B – and did….!) All of us completed it within about 10 minutes of one another and felt wonderful knowing we did it for such an awsome cause!

Photo: Fiona, Sue & Kym, after their 12k effort..!

I hope this (albeit its only a drop in the ocean) will help you guys with much needed research. Also, I would like to thank the people who sponsored me and my team.

Tobey xxx

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