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Helping HSPers get connected


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HSPers often express a wish to get together with other HSPers for the social and community connection.

Well, it’s fairly easy if you are prepared to take the lead in your area. Here’s how:

1. email the Foundation at saying that you would like to get a local group together

2. we then email community members in your area with your ideas for a get-together, including your email or  phone number; we can help you draft this email if you like

3. interested community members then contact you directly and away you go!


It’s that easy!


Brendon Flood, a community member from the Blue Mountains in NSW convenes a social group of local HSPers. The group started in 2011 and now has over 25 members, almost double the initial number. They meet at a club or someone’s home at least twice a year.

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Brendon said “On a Sunday in February 2011 about sixteen HSPers and partners gathered at the Rooty Hill RSL for lunch. The get-together proved very successful; we all talked about how HSP affected us and how we coped, and we got to know each other. This function laid the basis for a continuing social group.


Since this initial occasion, we have met at least every six months at different clubs (their facilities tend to be excellent) or sometimes at a member’s home. The group has grown and we are now about 27 strong. Many people have become good friends and keep in regular contact.


I would encourage the setting up of locally based social groups for HSPers and would be very happy to help anyone who is interested in facilitating a similar group, or if you live in the western Sydney/Blue Mountains area, in joining our group here. You can contact me, Brendon Flood, through email.

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