Sharyn and Brian
Sharyn and Brian

My name is Sharyn. I’m originally from NZ having arrived way back in 1979! It was always my intention to move back there but work, children, pets and life in general have seen me enjoy a lovely life in Sydney near Manly Beach.


Ironically, my 24 year old daughter, having always said that I could never make her live in NZ, now lives in Wellington with her Kiwi boyfriend!
I have been an HSPer since my early 50’s (I’m about to turn 60!) and have no relatives who have or had this condition.


Next year, my husband Brian and I are going to Europe for 3 months of glorious travel. I can’t wait!
The best advice that I was given as a new HSPer came from a medical professional friend. It was, simply, keep moving! And I do.


  1. Hi Sharyn

    I too was diagnosed with having HSP when I was in my early 50’s, I am now 60. I recently traveled to Thailand to the Thai/Burma death railway for ANZAC day. I had to do things differently than a person who doesn’t have this problem, but I was still able to experience the joy of travel, your trip to Europe sounds fantastic!

  2. Hi,
    Lovely to hear from you! You’re trip to Thailand sounds like it was incredibly interesting! I am going to google it and try and find out more about it! Glad you had such a great trip, I am sure looking forward to my trip too! Glad to hear you did okay getting around! I am also sure I will have to do things differently in Europe next year, but will enjoy it regardless!

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