SPF Annual Conference, June 2019, presentations

Annual Conference, June 2019


The SP Foundation (USA) held its Annual Conference for 2019 in San Antonio, Texas in late June with over 200 participants.

Here are videos of the presentations at the conference, including a session by HSP Research Foundation President, Frank McKeown.


Summary & Updates on Gene Therapy – Dr, Corey Braastad

An Effective Treatment for HSP, What Will it Take? – Frank McKeown, President, HSP Research Foundation, Australia

Using Mice to Understand the Causes of HSP & Develop New Treatments – Dr. Peter W. Baas, PhD

PLS Functional Rating Scale & Report on 2nd International PLS Medical Conference – Dr. Hiroshi Mitsumoto, PhD

Research Advances in the HSPs

Understanding the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Upper Motor Neurological Diseases HSP & PLS

Interview with SPF Medical Adviser, John Fink, MD


Research funding allocations SPF (USA)

Annual Report 2018 – research funding allocations

. . .


The SP Foundation raised over $650,000 net in 2018 and committed to more than $580,000 in research funding grants that are detailed in their recently published 2018 Annual Report.

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