SPF Synapse (USA) and ASL (France)

Posted - September 2019 in HSPRF News

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SPF Synapse Newsletter, Summer 2019

The Summer 2019 addition of Synapse, the newsletter of the SP Foundation in the USA covers a wide range of topics and makes great reading. Highlights include:

  • Lots of information about the Annual Conference (pages 4-8) in San Antonio Texas June 20-22 where 215 adults plus 5 children were in attendance. There is a separate article in this HSPRF News section that has links to the videos of the conference presentations.
  • Report on the first HSP/PLS Conference held in Canada in May (page 9).
  • Useful aids including joining two joined recumbent bikes and a super slippery car seat cover (pages 10-12).
  • A story from an HSPer in Zimbabwe (pages 12-13).
  • The issue of Male Incontinence with HSP (pages 14-15).


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ASL France Newsletter, Sept 2019

ASL is the official foundation in France for the HSP community, funding research and providing information and education. ASL stands for Association Strümpell Lorrain, named after the doctors who first described the disease and still a common name for HSP in some parts of the world.

Here is their September 2019 newsletter for those who can read French or know a reliable online document translator. There are articles covering:

  • cannabis therapy
  • handicap sports
  • accessibility topics
  • news from regional groups and
  • detailed statistics on the HSP community in France.

It is an epic read at 56 pages and well worth browsing even if you can’t speak French, with lots of photos and graphics in a superb, high-quality publication.



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