SPG4 Clinical trial plans discussed

Q&A session at Foundation AGM

Dr Brad Joblin, clinical trial consultant to the Foundation, discusses progress and plans towards clinical drug trials in SPG4, including Q&A from participants at the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Here is a video recording of the session with a graphic timeline of progress towards clinical trials at the end of the video.

The Q&A session happened at the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting held online in late October upon completion of formalities.

34 members attended the meeting with 80% evaluating it as really worthwhile. The session with Dr Joblin was very well received with suggestions for more informative webinars using the interactive capabilities of the Zoom platform in the future.

Some of the attendees at the AGM

Foundation Committee 2020/21

The following were elected to the Committee for the coming 12 months:

Frank McKeown, President

Ken Price, Secretary & Treasurer

Margaret Flood, Committee Member

Anthony McInnes, Committee Member

Di Thompson, Committee Member

Julian Pereira, Committee Member

Greg Emery, Committee Member

Profiles of individual committee members can be found here.

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