Stretching for HSP

Exercises you can do at home


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This Foundation has been advocating the benefits of physiotherapy for HSP for some years now, specifically neurological physiotherapy where the physio has the specialist training in understanding and working with neurological conditions.


In this article, Sarah Daniel, a UK neurological physiotherapist, talks about the importance of stretches in managing the symptoms of HSP.


She details a program of 8 exercises in plain English with helpful pictures that many HSPers could benefit from.


She makes the point that not all of these exercises are right for everyone, so don’t do any that don’t feel right or that cause pain. Find a physiotherapist near you to learn more.




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  1. I’ve had HSP for about 10 yrs I have found Health Recovery Tai Chi very helpful, I would like to communicate with others who suffer from HSP and do health recovery Tai chi.

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