Hi, my name’s Stu and I’m 43.  I grew up with my mum, dad and sister in Melbourne, always surrounded by pets, I developed a love of animals from an early age.

After leaving secondary school I went to Melbourne Uni, Dookie Campus, where I gained an agricultural science degree. While at uni, I met my soon to be wife Ebony, we moved to West Gippsland and went on to have three boys.   My wife’s passion for dairy soon led to us converting our small acreage into a dairy farm.  I stayed on in my job in animal nutrition sales, Eb left her career in the agrichemical industry and we started milking 35 beautiful Jersey cows, and rearing calves that we bought from neighbouring farms.  After several years of doing this, we moved to a larger farm, where we milk over 200 dairy cows.  

Family outing

I moved away from my sales career early 2020 and am lucky enough to assist on the farm by rearing our calves.  Along with being able to help out on the farm, I prepare most meals and run the kids around to school, and sports. Aside from my cooking not being up to my children’s standards most of the time, I consider myself so lucky to have such a fantastic, happy, funny, and extraordinarily supportive family. 

More family!

I have HSP, recent genetic testing diagnosed it as SPG7. I get around with a walking stick and wear AFO’s.  I’m lucky that I can add value either in the family business, being on local committees or helping out as much as I can, with the family.  I can see how this disease can easily pull you down, and cause immense stress, so the importance of being positive, is paramount.

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  1. Stuart
    You are an amazing man – I’m privileged to call you my son, you’re incredibly strong and a great role model.

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