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Questions about medication and lifestyle


Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence, an HSPer from the UK, has designed a new survey for HSPers. Some of you may remember that Adam ran a survey this time last year about HSP symptoms and misdiagnosis. He shared the results on his blog in February.


Adam says, “I’ve recently launched my next survey for people with HSP. This year I’m trying to understand which medication people use, with a brief look at diet, exercise and relaxation. Like last year I’ll collate responses until around the end of the year and will publish at the end of Feb 2015″.


“So far I’ve got about 50 responses to the survey, two of which are from Australia, and I’d be very pleased to have a few more. Like last year there’s a fair spread of ranges of mobility so there’ll be some interesting trends to try and pull out. Most people are on at least one medication, with a few people taking more than 5. Stretches are the most common regular exercise/relaxation routine”.


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  1. Thanks to the almost 100 people who answered my survey last year, I’ve now put the results up on my blog:

    People are taking medication for spasticity, pain, bladder issues and depression. Commonly taken medication includes Baclofen, Botox, Diazepam, Tizanidine, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin and Oxybutynin. Several people are supplementing their diet with Magnesium, and changing their diet to deal with bowel issues and to improve their health.

    Stretches are by far the most common exercise/relaxation undertaken and, depending on mobility, other activities include; walking/running/cycling, swimming and physiotherapy. More than 2/3 of people undertake one type of activity at least weekly.

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