Swimming for HSP research

Donation campaign at Lake Constance, Germany


For many years, the Wahlig Foundation in Germany has been funding research into the incurable neurological disorder HSP to find a cure. Each year they organise and fund a symposium featuring the latest in HSP research with global leaders in the field speaking.


Henry celebrating after the swim


Henry Wahlig, son of Foundation founder Tom, who lives with HSP, took part in the “Gnadenseschwimmen” for the second time during an HSP rehabilitation program he attended in Allensbach am Bodensee.


On 15 July, the rehabilitation facility held its 37th annual 1500m summer swim event with recognition for the most popular swimmer. Around 350 swimmers aged between 10 and 80 with various conditions take part every year and then enjoy the colorful supporting program and an evening beach party.



Henry successfully swam the 1500 meters through Lake Gnadensee in just 43 minutes. The donation campaign for the Wahlig Foundation raised over €2,000 ($3,000 AUD). A friend made a great video (above) of Henry’s swim. More photos can be found on their Facebook page.


See article with links to video here:



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