Synapse, newsletter of the SP Foundation

Spring Edition, May 2012


The SP Foundation in the USA has published its Spring Edition (May) 2012 of its newsletter, Synapse.


Here are some of the highlights:

You can join for free or just browse to see what other HSP mums are talking about. The group was recently created by Jessica Barlow-Anderson who says, “I created this group because there are so many mothers out there with a child with one of these conditions and we all need to come together.  We are here as mothers to support each other through our children’s condition of either hereditary spastic paraplegia or primary lateral sclerosis. There will be no bashing or drama in this group. We are here for support and to help each other find a cure!”


  • Facebook site for Teenagers with HSP

There is now a Facebook page for HSP teens to communicate in a private forum. Go to:


  • Sit-to-Stand:  a Functional Exercise by Liz Wrobleski MPT, PT, HSP    … on Page 6 of Synapse


  • The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) has formed 9 new research teams that will focus on rare diseases. One will focus on HSP. Funding from the CIHR will total $15.4 million over five years    … on Page 7 of Synapse


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