The Foundation needs talented people

Building our capacity and capability as a Foundation.

The Foundation is an all-volunteer organisation. We get things done through the commitment of busy, talented people who dedicate a portion of their valuable time to serve the Australian HSP community. We always have too many jobs to do and too few people to do them.

This is a great chance to serve the HSP community… a cause close to all our hearts. Please consider making a contribution of your time and talent to help the Foundation achieve outcomes in the following areas:


  • Treasurer &/or Bookkeeper (this can be two roles or one combined):
    • maintain an up to date set of Accounting books as per professional standards.
    • planning and budgeting – making recommendations to Committee.
    • managing cash flow and investments (term deposits); make payments and disbursements.
    • oversee banking.
    • maintain files for relevant documentation – tax invoices, bank statements, licence agreements etc that may be required for audit.
    • prepare for audit. Communication and liaison with auditor and provision of accounting and other relevant data.
    • process electronic statements (spreadsheets) of donations from third-party collectors such as ourcommunity, everyday hero, and gofundraise.
    • process direct donations by EFT, cheque or money order etc.; issue electronic (and some postal) donation receipts.
    • complete forms and applications pertaining to financials or fund-raising that may be required from time to time. eg to Fair Trading (form 12)
    • complete BAS and withholding tax forms as required.
    • provide financial summaries and any relevant advice to the Foundation at agreed intervals, including written reports as necessary.
  • Philanthropic Grant Writing: preparing grant applications to philanthropic institutions for funding of research.
  • Fundraising Consultant/Strategist: someone with knowledge and experience to advise us and help develop strategies and plans for effective fundraising.
  • Promoting Fundraising: both within the HSP community, and especially opportunities with the community at large, via event fundraising and sponsorship.
  • Community Development: There are roles for HSP community members as call volunteers for the annual community contact initiative. Volunteers need to be comfortable calling and talking with HSPers they haven’t met, be good listeners, well organised and largely self-managing, take notes and record data on a spreadsheet, and participate in team-based orientation/training and evaluation.
  • Publicity:To enhance awareness of HSP and create/maintain a highly favourable image of the Foundation with specific target audiences and the general public. Raising awareness and the profile of HSP, HSPers, HSP research/researchers, the Foundation and funding within the community, within the relevant medical and paramedical communities, and with society at large —  through both direct communications from the Foundation as well as mass media and the creation of opportunities with them.
    • finding, creating and leveraging opportunities for exposure e.g. profiling HSPers; research findings on HSP; research and other initiatives funded by the Foundation.
    • writing articles for publication, including on the website.
  • Communications: A service role supporting education and awareness, community development, and fund-raising; responding to correspondence. The role could also include: develop, plan and implement a Communications and social media strategy, and creating copy for the Foundation website.

Do not worry if you do not have the specific skills required for a particular project or role, or if you have very little discretionary time. As long as you are motivated and have a record of relevant achievement in your working life, please CONTACT US directly to explore possibilities for what might work both for us and for you. We will personally respond to everyone who contacts us.

Thank You!


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