The Foundation needs talented people

Building our capacity and capability as a Foundation.

The Foundation is an all-volunteer organisation. We get things done through the commitment of busy, talented people who dedicate a proportion of their valuable time to serve the Australian HSP community. We always have too many jobs to do and too few people to do them.

This is a great chance to do community service… for a cause close to your heart. Please consider making a contribution of your time and talent to help the Foundation achieve outcomes in the following areas:

  • preparing grant applications to philanthropic institutions for funding of research.
  • promoting fundraising — both within the HSP community, and especially opportunities with the community at large via event fundraising or sponsorship; managing the relationships with organisations who collect money on our behalf; managing relationships with people who raise funds on our behalf.
  • community development:
    • fulfilling the Foundation’s commitment to information and education.
    • connecting with the community, handling enquiries, encouraging and fostering increasing member numbers.
    • website development as the community hub — contributions of news, articles, stories, profiles, latest research and other relevant information.
  • publicity — raising awareness and the profile of HSP, HSPers, HSP research/researchers, the Foundation and funding within the community, within the relevant medical and paramedical communities, within the global HSP community and with society at large — especially through mass media and the creation of opportunities with them.
  • legal/constitutional oversight, secretarial and administrative functions, dealing with Government and other authorities/bodies to ensure our standing and reputation as a charity.
  • maintain the quality and effectiveness of the Contacts Management System;  coordinate systems use between accounting, fund-raising and communications functions.

Do not worry if you do not have the specific skills required for a particular project or role, or if you have very little discretionary time. As long as you are motivated and have a record of relevant achievement in your working life, please contact me directly to explore possibilities for what might work for us and for you. I will personally get in touch with everyone who contacts me.


Thank You

Frank McKeown


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