The HSPer & the US President

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you” he said

Jackie with US Pres. Obama

US HSPer Jackie Wellman met, chatted and had her photo taken with US President Barack Obama during his visit to Des Moines, Iowa on September 28th.

Jackie said that the President’s aides asked if she wanted them to take her walker so it would not be in the picture. She said ‘yes’ but asked them to wait until she got to him, as she can stand okay but needs assistance when walking.

Jackie said “When I got to him the Secret Service took my walker. He reached out his hands and grabbed mine saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got you’. Oh my God, the President of the United States is holding me up. I was at a definite loss for words. I could hardly speak to him. He helped me over to his side and put his arm around me. I was also hanging onto him for dear life”.

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