Tips for getting the most out of the website

‘Search’ function the key


As people experience changes with their HSP, or new information emerges, or their doctor mentions something they haven’t heard of, it’s natural to wonder and have questions about things.


Over its 10 year life, the Foundation website has become a significant resource library with almost a thousand articles on many aspects of HSP, about which people have questions and would like more information and understanding. Every quarter when the website is updated, there are 25 or so new articles and stories on the homepage, but there are hundreds more articles in the archive that can be accessed in two ways:

. . .
  1. Using the Search function – at the top of every page on the website is a ‘Search’ box. Just enter a keyword or phrase on the topic of interest in the box, click on Search, and every article relating to that topic is displayed. If a particular search does not give you helpful results, try a slightly different search term, or a related one. Sometimes a search will produce an article that contains a better keyword or phrase than first used, so just repeat the search with the new keyword or phrase.
  2. Browsing the Categories – the website is organised into three main categories – Research Highlights, Living with HSP (Management & Treatment) and Foundation News. Click on the banner heading of any of these categories on the website’s homepage and it will take you to the library for that category showing the most recent articles first. This is a good way to get information and broaden your understanding of HSP and the issues that are important to HSPers.


Make the most of this valuable resource. It is a quick and easy first place to look for anything related to HSP.


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