Too steep to cycle near your place?

Powered tricycle might be the answer


Angela from Victoria has a powered tricycle for exercise and recreation. She needed a powered bike as there are hills near her that she cannot pedal up, meaning that she could not get to flatter places to enjoy cycling without some help. Here is her story …


Angela on her electric trike
Angela on her electric trike

“I wanted to let people know that I purchased a Gomier Adult Trike. I thought it would be a good idea to get outside and also have some exercise. I miss my walking so much.

I bought it without power, which was a mistake as it is quite steep where I live. I have had it converted to power. They guy that did it has been really great. In fact I have now found out that he can supply the trikes already converted to power. I have only just gotten it converted but it now means I do not have to worry when I am out cycling if I come to a road that is a bit steep.

The Company is called Niubike – Electric bikes for the pleasure of cycling. His name is Steve and his mobile is 0401 409 822. He came to me with great recommendations and I thought it would be something beneficial to share with everyone.

web:                                    email: [email protected]

Editor’s Note: Go on the web to find suppliers in many locations around the country as well as online stores and eBay and Gumtree as places to find powered tricycles.

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