Travel, exotic places, holidays!

But just how to do that with HSP?



HSP community member Victoria is passionate about travel and working with disadvantaged kids.


About a year ago we told you about her winning a Qantas award for volunteers. Now she hopes to inspire other HSPers to travel. She writes “Hey guys just wanted to share my article with you and hopefully inspire some more people with HSP to get out there and travel the world and not let anything ever stop them !!!



This is her blog:


Swimming holidays


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Here’s another idea! There is a UK based company called SWIMQUEST … Open water swimming holidays for all abilities. They offer packaged swim instruction trips to different parts of the world, mostly around Europe, the Arctic Circle (!!!) and their closest trip to Australia, Coconut Island in Thailand.

Custom-designed trips are also a possibility and the goal everywhere is helping people learn to swim better. They pride themselves on undertaking any swim challenge and while they’ve trained competitive and extreme swimmers, they’ve also trained those simply wishing to improve their skills, overcome their fears or cope with a disability.

Training includes one-on-one swim coaching and video analysis. Clients regularly include asthmatics and arthritics, people with deep-rooted fear of the sea and recently, two people with multiple sclerosis. Their Thailand six-day trip looks delightful… and costs almost $4,000 for the swim instruction, lodging and most meals, but not including airfare (see “What’s Included” details here)

So if this sounds like you, or maybe for your partner or your children, contact Swimquest.

Maybe suggest the possibility of some swim training holiday vacations in Australia.


Disability Horizons and Accomable, a magazine and website for special travel needs.


Martyn & Srin
Martyn & Srin


Our mission is simple…to enable anyone to go anywhere.


We all know how hard it can be, with special needs, to plan travel. Srin Madipalli, a former lawyer who quit law practice to complete his MBA, and his childhood friend Martyn Sibley, a former product development executive, teamed up to create a magazine for travelers with special needs. This online magazine, Disability Horizons, co-founded in 2011 has since become the fastest growing disability-related lifestyle publication with over 40,000 regular readers and over 200,000 websites visits a year.


Yet even with such a resource, Srin, a keen traveler, with spinal muscular atrophy, realised it was still very difficult and time consuming to plan his own travels, so he used this frustration to create a website that would assist with the logistics of specialized travel. His co-founder Martyn also has the condition. Their travel adventures include activities as bold as mountain trekking in their wheel chairs, flying airplanes and scuba diving. The website, called Accomable started earlier this year with listings for lodgings as the initial focus, and now lists variously accessible places to stay in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA and other countries. They are currently gathering availability information for other special travel needs such as adapted taxis and medical equipment hire.

Online magazine:

Travel accommodations website:


Crossing Countries – creating opportunities for people with disability to travel and volunteer


Volunteers Abroad
Volunteers Abroad


Challenging Boundaries, Changing Lives


Are you in the mood to travel but you don’t know where you want to go?


This could change your life! A group called Crossing Countries enables disabled people to volunteer abroad by matching a disabled person ‘the Traveller’ with a non-disabled ‘Travel Pal’ to work together, with the support of a team leader, to fundraise and plan their trip. The Crossing Countries team has just returned from their second volunteering trip to Durban, South Africa. They’re currently taking applications for their 2016 trip.









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