Trekking Poles

Improved walking and balance


trekking poles

Trekking poles such as used by hikers may help HSPers significantly with their walking and balance.


Here is one HSPer’s experience:

I have been using my trekking pole since I first started showing signs of balance issues on trails about 7 yrs. ago and have moved to using it all the time last year. One of my Doctors said he loves the trekking poles because people like me who are used to them for the outdoors would use them before they would use a more traditional cane.  I love mine and would not give it up for a more traditional cane unless I absolutely have to.


There can be several advantages to using trekking poles versus walking unaided.


Find a sports shop that stocks them and give them a try… see how they feel. Hikers choose to use one or two trekking poles at a time. They take some getting used to – here is a guide on how to use them.


Finally, if you are thinking of buying, make sure you get the right poles for yourself. Here is an article on how to make the right choice. best-walking-poles.html


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