UK Annual HSP Survey

Posted - December 2020 in Living with HSP - Management & Treatment News

HSPers everywhere invited


Adam Lawrence

The 2020 survey of HSPers by Adam Lawrence, Chairman of the UK HSP Support Group and an HSPer himself, is now available.


The focus for this year’s survey is:

        • Participation and Activities
        • Needs for those with HSP
        • Access to healthcare

      Similar to recent years the analysis of answers will take into account both mobility and wellbeing. Responses will be collected until approximately the end of 2020, with results published on Rare Disease Day 2021 – Sunday 28th February.


      As with previous surveys only “name” and “country” are required questions. Answer all others that you want. The survey is a similar length to those in previous years, so hopefully would take a similar time.


      For the “needs for those with HSP” questions, I am seeking your opinions on what types of information are most important, which makes a change from the usual factual style of questions. I hope that these questions work well!


      Complete survey here:




      Adam Lawrence




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