UK HSPer’s blog and survey

Results on mobility, symptoms and mis-diagnosis


Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence

We first told you about UK HSPer Adam Lawrence in an article in the Summer Edition of the website in December 2013. He offered the opportunity to the Australian HSP community to participate in the survey he was conducting.


The survey has been completed, with 120 or so respondents drawn from several countries. Adam has analysed the data and posted the results on his blog. He said that he was “Very excited that this post has been up less than 24 hours and is already in my top five all time most viewed posts”.  Adams said, “In the end I had a few Australians who took part.”



He surveyed the range of mobility aids used by HSPers; how people’s mobility has changed over the last 5 years; collected data on symptoms, with loss of balance, stiffness in the cold and fatigue heading the list; he cross-matched symptoms with mobility; and finally looked at the issue of misdiagnosis, finding that 80% of those who responded had been misdiagnosed, most commonly as Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy.


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