UK Newslink & USA Synapse

Newsletters of the UK & USA HSP groups

Read about the activities and news in the Newslink October 2010, the newsletter of the HSP Support Group in the UK, and in the Autumn (USA) 2010 edition of Synapse, the newsletter of the SP Foundation in the US. Everyone should have a read of the amazing and inspiring story of  Arthur Wyatt on the front page of the October 2010 edition of the UK Newslink.

Here are some highlights from the newsletters…

From the UK Newslink:

  • “Use it or lose it?” An inspiring story that asks if being highly physical might be beneficial to HSPers.
  • In the “Secretary’s Spot” walking stick clips are mentioned… made  by a community member and useful to some HSPers.
  • “Poo” problems – a must read for those with chronic constipation.

From the USA Synapse:

  • 2010 research awards are announced.
  • The SPF/NEALS collaboration… has proposed a registry of HSPers and will, down the road, discuss how to promote more proposals for SPF grants.
  • The Kakkis EveryLife Foundation article is about speeding progress for rare disorders.  Continues with Goals for CureTheProcess Campaign.
  • The importance of good posture … an article by Liz Wrobleski, physiotherapist and HSPer.
  • Under Medical Updates the first article “UM Researcher to Test Stem Cell Treatment for Alzheimer’s…ALS…” is worth reading.

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