UK Newslink & USA Synapse

Newsletters of the UK & USA HSP groups

Read about the activities and news in the Newslink January 2011, the newsletter of the HSP Support Group in the UK, and in the Winter (USA) 2011 edition of Synapse, the newsletter of the SP Foundation in the US.

Here are some highlights from the newsletters…

From the UK Newslink:

  • A research project at Univ of Plymouth is looking at the effects of hot and cold temperatures on nerve and muscle function in HSPers with a view to use by physiotherapists to manage these effects.
  • Whole Body Vibration equipment is mentioned as a possible way to improve circulation and muscle activity.
  • Members’ Letters are interesting and cover a range of issues of concern to HSPers.

From the USA Synapse:

  • Liz Wrobleski, a physiotherapist who also has HSP, wrote an article about the importance of stretching.
  • A young boy with HSP riding a specially made 3 wheel cycle that he pedals with his hands to raise money for research.
  • There is an article titled “Study Finds Adversity Does Make Us Stronger” from Buffalo and Irvine CA.

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