US Synapse and German TWS newsletters

Learn what is happening in other HSP groups around the world



Synapse, Spring 2019

The SP Foundation USA has published the Spring 2019 edition of its newsletter Synapse



  • SPF President speaks of Annual Event June 21-22 in San Antonio Texas
  • New Board Member – Carina Thurgood of UK’s The Maddi Foundation (SPF15)
  • Members Connections
  • Membership Fundraising Efforts
  • General Interest
  • Surgical Anesthesia in HSP and PLS
  • Why getting a Gene Test is so Important
  • Travel Turmoil.




TWS Magazine 2019

The TWS Magazine has just been published in both German and English following the 20 year anniversary of the Tom Wahlig Foundation



  • Review of Anniversary Celebrations including an Art Exhibition Opening
  • Stories of people with HSP taking on challenges
  • Research funding by the TWS of three current projects and review of the 17th annual symposium
  • Disability friendly guided tours of cultural and artistic heritage sites in Weimar
  • Foundation fundraising and calendar for 2019



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