US Synapse and UK Newslink newsletters

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The SP Foundation USA has published the Fall 2018 edition of its newsletter Synapse



The President’s letter is a thought-provoking dissection of the topic of donating.

There is much more about the annual conference from June with presentation summaries.

Scooters and trikes are discussed in the general interest section.

A new column called Travel Turmoil on the woes of travel with disability show just how similar things are to here in Australia.

A discussion of depression and frustration is also worth a read and fits in nicely with the article on the importance of acceptance on this website.

There are short articles, letters and plenty of photos that make the newsletter an interesting read for HSPers no matter where you live.




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Here is the September 2018 edition of HSP Newslink, the newsletter of the UK-based HSP Support Group



The September 2018 edition of HSP Newslink, the newsletter of the UK-based HSP Support Group, has a startling front page photo of Debbie, an HSPer, shaved bald and triumphantly holding up her  tresses removed by her hairdresser – all to raise money for research.

There is an article by chairman Adam Lawrence about changes underway in the group with a view to the future.

Newsletter editor Ian Bennett talks about this year’s Potato Pants Music Festival held in June and plans for the next one.

There is a personal story about life with an intrathecal baclofen pump.

An article on equestrian Paralympian Rebecca Hart, as well as news and snippets, a calendar of meetings and events and a summary of presentations from their AGM… All in all a good read.


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