Vitamin D for strong immune system

Regular sunshine or supplements needed

Vitamin D is important to maintaining a strong immune system, especially with ageing. SP Foundation member in the USA, Dr Malin Dollinger recently wrote about the topic:


This is about vitamin D deficiency. As you likely know, vitamin D production is stimulated by exposure to sunlight, so people who are indoors a lot, like us, may become deficient. One of us, me, has in addition been “outside” only briefly for the past several months, related to my decision to isolate myself from coronavirus exposure. So my recent comprehensive physical exam showed a very low vitamin D level, and I am now taking a large dose of vitamin D (4000u daily) to replace what is missing.

Now I will discover if some of my symptoms are related to this vitamin D deficiency. I offer here the standard list of what symptoms vitamin D deficiency can produce: tiredness, frequent infections, bone loss, back pain, loss of bone structure, depression, slow wound healing, hair loss, muscle pain, and weight gain. Especially important now with the coronavirus, vitamin D is involved with activation of T lymphocytes, a vital part of our immune response.

So why don’t you ask your doctor to check your blood level of vitamin D, next time you are there. Normal is 30 to 100; mine is 17, and I was already taking 1000u a day, obviously not enough. It seems that the HSP and PLS introductory “rule books” should mention checking vitamin D levels. My doctor told me that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for the coronavirus.

What to do
If you might be at risk, ask your doctor and get your Vitamin D level checked.

How much sun do I need?
Just a few minutes in the sun a few times a week with skin exposed on legs and arms is all that is needed.

And this from the Cancer Council
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is both the major cause of skin cancer and the best source of vitamin D. Sensible sun protection does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Read more …

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