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Facebook makes fundraising easy!

 …………………… Are you a Facebook user?

………………………………………… Do you have birthdays?

Great! You’re ready to raise money for HSP research!!

So far this year 4 community members have raised close to $4,000 using Facebook to ask their network of family and friends to give towards HSP research instead of birthday presents.


And so can you!

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Here are their stories…


Debbie said “I am happy to help in any way I can. Obviously my reason for doing it was because HSP affects me personally and the more people that know about HSP the better. We all have birthdays, whether we like it or not, and I have a lot of friends raising funds for causes close to their heart so I decided I would give it a go.”



Deeon says she is happy to have it known how easy and rewarding it was to set up her birthday fundraiser. “Facebook had it all there for me to just press on what I chose to do, I typed in HSP and saw the Foundation page which was set up in the list of charities and it had a simple step by step guide to choose time period, dollar goal and who I wanted to contact. If all our members did this for their birthdays we would raise a lot of money for the research.”



Suzie commented “I would like to encourage anyone that is having a birthday to use the Facebook/birthday fundraising to raise funds, awareness and understanding for HSP! I shared photos from social gatherings around different parts of Australia and I would answer every post and thank all donors and provide periodical updates. This must have worked as I took the opportunity to increase my $ target a few weeks before my birthday.

I loved achieving this for every one battling this disease and for the generations to come. I found this experience very rewarding, and would highly recommend doing this for gaining funds and awareness. I would just like to add that to be successful in this you need to reply, post pictures slowly over the weeks and generally keep the profile coming up on Facebook and look after it with much appreciation and encouragement to every person who donates, shares or comments.”



James said “I saw a Facebook fundraiser link which has HSP Research Foundation listed.

Birthday time 15th March I thought I would give it a go. Almost all my family and friends know that I have HSP. My goal was to raise $500 but this was reached quickly so I changed it to $1,000, which was achieved.

Some of the donations came from people that I had not seen for a while. I thanked them all via a Facebook post.

My total motivation was to raise funds to help find a cure as we have NO government funding and I hope others are inspired to help raise funds for HSP research.”


How to raise money for HSP on Facebook



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